Monday, February 27, 2006

New one!.. Losing my license!

It's been a long fuckin' time since I've blogged! I even forgot my log in name! I had to ask my boyfriend! Well, a lot has gone on. One recent thing was losing my license for for 7 months and not realize it until this past Decemeber when I went to renew it. This church lady with a "bee-hive" hairdo informed me that my license was suspended and had been since June! Like a dramatic fag, I put my hand on my chest and I gasped! "What?! Me?" I said with a big lisp.
So I continued to drive to work and back. I had to! This bitch has a careerr! (LOL) I was so scared I would get pulled over. Finally, I took defensive driving course and got my license reissued. Now I can speed and break the law on the road and not go to jail for being on it!

Friday, January 20, 2006

Madonna's Newest CD

I have to say I love Madonna's new CD "Confessions on a Dancefloor!" I know some are criticizing it and it's lyrics. Her song "I Love New York" is cheesy because she says, "..why don't you "F" off...."
Now, the younger, more controvercial Madonna would have had the lyrics, "... why don't you FUCK off!...."(and naked too boot!)
As a whole, I love it! I have my favorite tracks like"Forbidden Love," "Hung Up," and "Sorry"
I'm a Madonna freak and it's hard for the bitch to go wrong!

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Brokeback Mountain

My boyfriend and I went to see "Brokeback Mountain" tonight finally with another gay couple we're friends with. It is a must see! Very well made, great acting and sad. Before we saw it, 2 of my gay friends on different occasions were seriosly like, " I can't wait to see "Bareback Mountain!"
I replied to each of them, "You mean "Brokeback Mountain, Mary!"
They said, "Oh yeah! Oops! Sorry."
Very funny. Well, go see this movie if you get the chance. Also, "King Kong" was great also! Two different movies but both great in their own way.

Friday, December 23, 2005

The holidays

Well I'm finally posting a new blog! Ough! Christmas Eve is tomorrow and I still need to buy for some relatives. I just haven't been in the holiday mood. My boyfriend and I put up the tree several weeks ago and stopped there. We were going to put lights around the house but we didn't have the energy. We weren't in the the mood. I'm not depressed. We're just broke and dreading having to buy for our families! I feel awful about it. I'm waiting for 3 ghost to come visit me in the middle of the night!
The ghost of Chistmas past would show me when I was younger with more hair, thinner, and living with my wealthy family with presents up the ass in a big house! Then the ghost of Chistmas present day would show me and my boyfriend just getting by with bills, whiney demanding children (who I love) and a fat roll!
The ghost of Christmas future would show me kids that that have graduated and moved on, less hair on head, an old diabetic boyfriend and more fat! Love it!

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Going Camping!

My boyfriend and I are going camping this Halloween weekend. There is a gay camp site we go to see some of our friends. This weekend is gonna be particulary fun because we're bringing a drag queen/"transy." This means she (and I call 'um as I see 'um) lives as a girl. Her male identity is gone but technically, still has the big male organ! Well, you know.. A penis! Oh, and big tits to go along with it! Her name is Brandi Ice and is our friend. She is one of the funniest people I know and does a great Wonder Woman routine! I'm a independent filmmaker and her and I (along with a long list of other actors) made 7 Wonder Woman movies that are hilarios! A drag queen as Wonder Woman?! People love these movies especially at parties. They've been on a local public access television here. It's always wierd to me how many people know who we are because of these movies. I look forward to hanging out with her. She's a preformer at heart. I love her!

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

My Rea lEstate Class

Recently, I started a Real Estate course. It's 2- 3 hour meetings per week for 9 weeks. My instructor is an older lady who seems very nice. She looks like Minnie Pearl! No shit! The first week of class, she informed us that we had homework. I gasped! I have 2 college degrees and I thought I was done with homework! Good Lord! I guess I shouldn't be so clueless. Actually it is a very involved course and I wouldn't have thought real estate was that, well, comlex. And there is math too and that is my ulimate weakness! I'm doing better with it now though. I'm dreading the state test. Ough! Well, I done bitching! I will try my best to blogger more....

Thursday, September 08, 2005

This week...

Well, I don't blog as much as I should. Everytime I tell my honey, "I'm going to write a blog post today!", he roll his eyes and snickers. Ough! Well, this past week, me and my honey (Scott) went to gay camping. It's a fun place for fags! The first time we went, we were shocked at the nudity! Guys naked at the pool, walking around, eating, fishing, etc.... It was wierd at first but after a while, it didn't matter anymore. Of course unlike a nudist colony, you don't have to be naked if you don't want. Like me. I like my clothes ON! Too much fat!...
After camping over Labor Day weekend, me and Scott came back to 3 kids (whom I LOVE), 2 yappy dogs, a rat, & a cat that likes to kill outdoor animals and bring them in as presents!..
I wouldn't have it any other way. I'm in love and all the rest is easy to deal with....